For the past six years we have worked tirelessly to provide sporting opportunities to some of Singapore's most marginalised communities. Race2Share was initially founded with the aim of raising money through marathons and triathlons for charities tackling various vital causes in Singapore and the Philippines. Since 2017, one of our main focus has been to improve the physical and mental well-being of Singapore's foreign domestic workers by providing them with the opportunity to participate in numerous sports.  Inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we provide inclusive sporting programmes for foreign domestic workers that not only promote the benefits of an active life but also boost individual self-esteem and social harmony. Such work proves that sport is open to everybody and makes us all equal, regardless of nationality, ethnicity or gender. Our programmes also highlight how access to sporting activities is vital as a tool to create positive changes in people and within society. We firmly believe that an active lifestyle can transform people’s lives for the better whilst also benefitting the wider community. The commitment and support we offer to foreign domestic workers goes beyond our sporting programmes. Keen to encourage holistic growth as well as physical health, we partner with a number of organisations in Singapore to offer foreign domestic workers the opportunity to attend a host of practical and valuable training programmes. These workshops provide foreign domestic workers with the opportunity to learn a variety of essential real-world skills, including business studies, communications and conflict management.   Through our various initiatives and offerings, over a thousand people have taken the opportunity to start an active lifestyle that they may not have otherwise had. Amongst those are the first ever dragon boat crew made up entirely of foreign domestic workers, as well as countless converts to sports such as canoeing and long distance running. Our ultimate aim is not solely to create athletes but to provide a sense of companionship and inclusion to Singapore's foreign domestic workers through their ongoing participation in sport. 

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