Ezekiel Louis Macaya

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1. Tell us more about what life was like for you before covid?  I lived an easy and exciting life. Most days were also very productive. I was very active given that the nature of my job involves taking care of kids, preparing meals, and going grocery shopping. When I did have “me” time, I would usually go running, Cycling, or meet friends. I really enjoyed the social life that I had as I was able to hangout with others who have similar interests and hobbies. Weekends were very relaxing for me and something I looked forward to. Saturdays were my day of rest after a long day week and I would usually cycle or hangout with friends. Sundays would be spent with my Race2Share family - dragon boat training, having a good time, church, and eating together.  2. How has that changed?  There have definitely been many changes because there’s a need to stay at home in order to keep safe and minimise the spread of the virus. I’ve had to learn how to keep busy at home since I was used to going out daily but have just focused more on my studies. I did not stop working out and actually became more active in order to keep busy. I learned how to cycle confidently and have been doing home workouts.  3. What are some of the biggest struggles you’ve faced adjusting to “the new normal”?   It can sometimes be suffocating not being able to do the things I used to do. I also miss my family more and it has made me realise that spending time with family and making memories together matters most because you never know what is going to happen next.  4. What are some healthy strategies or coping mechanisms you’ve put in place to help you with these struggles?  Exercise definitely helps. Cycling is my new hobby and it’s helped me to keep busy while also increasing my confidence. Now that circuit breaker is over, I meet up with friends and laughing with them is always great. Other things that have helped me include watching webinar classes to learn, prayer, and studying.  5. What are some things you’ve learnt during this period? I’ve learnt a lot of recipes and have tried experimenting with some of them. I’ve also learnt how to confidently ride my bicycle on the main road - something I never thought I’d be able to do before. Now, I can also dye and cut my own hair and have picked up tips on skincare. Follow our Facebook page for upcoming stories from our members: www.facebook.com/race2share